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Make Your Photographs Stunning With Canvas Float Wraps
How can today's artists and photographers achieve new levels of success with special finishing techniques? One answer to that question is Canvas Float Wraps. Beginning with a standard photo or painting, an expert finisher can transform virtually any type of art piece into a vastly new product: a canvas rendering that appears to float on the wall, and one that is printed on the highest-quality canvas available on earth.
Make Your Home Unique and Beautiful With Designer Wall Clusters
Whether you are a pro photographer with your own studio or a camera-toting mom, you want a space to showcase your best work. The walls in your home, office or studio are some of the best options you have, and you can maximize these spaces with artfully-designed wall clusters for eye-catching displays that friends and loved ones will love to look at. Looking to freshen up a blank wall in your home? Read on to learn how designer wall clusters could be the design solution you need.
Go Frameless With Floating Foto Boards
Photographers have a new way to showcase their works, making each piece appear to hover over a wall's surface. Floating foto boards are an ingenious technique that not only enhances the quality of the image itself but is able to imbue an ethereal feeling to the original piece. Any photo can be taken through the process, and the result is a truly mesmerizing work of art.
Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Your Poster Printing
When getting a poster printed, it is important that the poster meet certain criteria of quality, such as vibrant, true colors and proper resolution. Getting a poster printed is not as simple as just dropping off a picture or file at the printers. Photographers and designers should know how to prepare a file for poster printing and where to have it printed.