Canvas Float Wrap

An Elegant, frameless way to display your images!

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Beautifully finished padded Canvas Wrap that gives a stunning Floating look.

Our Canvas Float Wraps are built to grab attention. A canvas float wrap is created by printing your image onto one of our top-quality canvases.  We use cutting-edge machinery for our printing, ensuring you get a picture which benefits from exceptional clarity and a great range of colors.  After printing, the canvas is covered with a special coating for protection, and then carefully mounted on a padded wood panel.  At the back of the picture, a sub-frame is attached.  This enables the print to stand away from the wall, creating the appealing “floating” appearance.  You can choose from either a matte or a gloss surface finish, ensuring you end up with the look you want. Designer groupings of Canvas Float Wrap can also be ordered as Wall Clusters

  • Sizes : From 8"x12" to 24"x36"
  • Surface Finishing : Glossy, Matte
  • Float Depth : 1/2" or 1"
  • Production Time : 3-5 Business Days
  • Starts at ₹ 549.00.


Before your picture is mounted, the surface of the print is protected from dust, smudge and air pollutants with a special coating. you can choose between giving it a shiny, gloss finish, or opting for a matte choice.

Glossy Surface

Matte Surface


The depth of the sub-frame determines how far the picture appears to be away from its mounting wall.  We allow our customers to pick from a range of different sub-frame depths, so you can tailor your picture to your exact specifications.  Our most commonly requested options are either for a 1/2” sub-frame or one that's 1” in depth. We provide customized framing solutions that can be tailored to meet your individual preferences.  

1/2" Thick Sub-frame

1" Thick Sub-frame