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A gorgeous, stylish, inspiring Float Mount Prints - No Frame Needed!

As your nearby floating picture frames provider, we are always happy to bring you fresh innovations when it comes to picture display and presentation.  One of our most popular modern options is floating picture frames.  When mounted correctly, these are designed to appear as if they “float” away from the background wall.  The effect is cleverly achieved using a frame at the back of the print to carefully position the picture in just the right way for maximum effect. This product looks stunning without any frame. Designer groupings of Floating Foto Board can also be orderd as Wall Clusters.

  • Sizes : From 8"x12" to 24"x36"
  • Paper Types : Glossy, Luster or Metallic
  • Surface Finishing : Glossy, Pearl
  • Float Depth : 1/2" or 1"
  • Production Time : 3-5 Business Days
  • Starts at ₹ 399.00.


Glossy Paper: Glossy paper is the most common paper for printing photos. Glossy papers offer the widest color range and best resolution. It produces a sharp and vibrant image. Glossy paper is also very smooth to touch. Glossy paper is more reflective and shiny which is a problem if you plan to view the image in a sunny area. Following are different coating options on glossy paper.

Glossy Coating

Pearl Coating

Luster Paper: Luster papers offer a good balance between glare, color range, and durability. With a color range close to that of glossy paper, We colud produce sharper and vibrant images. This type of paper may not completely eliminate glare but most of them reduce glare to a point where it is not an issue except under the most extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles. Following are different coating options on Luster paper.

Glossy Coating

Pearl Coating

Metallic Paper: One of the newest and hottest inkject paper today. Metallic paper has a glossy finish and metallic appearance. They exhibit rich, dense blacks, a superb color gamut and contrast range. This paper is ideal for any type of photographer; from portrait to commercial applicantions, this paper will impress photographers alike that demand extreme sharpness, brightness and color saturation. Following are different coating options on Metalic paper.

Glossy Coating

Pearl Coating


The depth of the sub-frame determines how far the picture appears to be away from its mounting wall.  We allow our customers to pick from a range of different sub-frame depths, so you can tailor your picture to your exact specifications.  Our most commonly requested options are either for a 1/2” sub-frame or one that's 1” in depth. We provide customized framing solutions that can be tailored to meet your individual preferences.  

Floats 1/2" from the wall

Floats 1" from the wall