LiquiGlos Foto Panles

Transforms photograph into luxurious wall art

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Convert your photograph into high-end wall decor that makes an extravagant impression.

This is an exclusive premium product offered by ArtDotz® which add another dimension to your photograph. First, we print photograph on your choice of paper and mount it on the premium quality aluminium panel. Then this photo panel is manually coated via a specially developed process which leaves your work with rounded edges and the impression of being surrounded by a glass. The extremely glossy resin brings out the finest details of the image, gives your image profound depth, clarity and brings its colors to life. A subframe of 1/2" or 1" thickness is then attached to the back side of the panel which allows the product to be hung and appears to float from the wall for a striking effect.

  • Sizes : From 16"x16" to 20"x30"
  • Paper Type : Glossy, Luster or Metallic
  • Sub-frame Depths :1/2" or 1"
  • Production Time : 7-15 Business Days
  • Starts at ₹ 2799.00.


You could choose from following 3 types of paper

Glossy Paper

Luster Paper

Metallic Paper


The depth of the sub-frame determines how far the picture appears to be away from its mounting wall.  We allow our customers to pick from a range of different sub-frame depths, so you can tailor your picture to your exact specifications.  Our most commonly requested options are either for a 1/2” sub-frame or one that's 1” in depth. We provide customized framing solutions that can be tailored to meet your individual preferences.  

1/2" Thick Sub-frame

1" Thick Sub-frame